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What do the numbers and letters mean on a sprayer nozzle?

Sprayer nozzle


Today’s question relates to one we hear all the time, and one that will have a huge impact on the effect of your spraying if you get it wrong!


Teejet Nozzle Diagram


There are three distinctive and important items on a nozzle:

  1. Fan angle 
    Usually 80 or 110 relating to 80 degrees or 110 degrees. 

  2. Flow rate 
    The flow rate is represented as a number usually between 015 and 08. These numbers refer to the flow rate in US gallons at the rated pressure of 40 PSI (approx. 3 BAR).

    For example, an 02 Nozzle is rated at 0.2 US gallons per hour at a pressure of 40 PSI. We use litres per minute but still that is the history of how the numbers came into being.

  3. The colour -Nozzles have ISO standard colour. For example an 02 nozzle is always yellow, and an 04 nozzle is always red. See the chart below for what all of the nozzle colours mean.


Chart of nozzle tip colours and their meanings


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