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Teejet Aixr Spray Nozzles. Sizes 02(Yellow) To 06(Grey)

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Product Information

Genuine TEEJET USA imported nozzles. The AIXR TEEJET Air Inducted spray tip offers the benefits of obtaining excellent drift resistance without compromising spray coverage.

The AIXR produces a wide range of droplet sizes suitable for all types of applications making it one of the more versatile spray tips on the market.

The 110 degree wide, tapered fan angle provides large air filled droplets providing MEDIUM to ULTRA COURSE droplet sizes depending on the pump pressure and size of nozzle.

Available in 02 (yellow) to 06 (grey) sizes with an operating range of  15 - 90 PSI (1-6 Bar)

The larger droplets produced by the AIXR make this tip ideal for a wide variety of systemic herbicides and applications where drift control is critical

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  • The most versatile air induction nozzle on the market.
  • Low drift potential (Up to 90% drift reduction*)
  • Wide operating pressure range of 15 - 90 PSI
  • Optimum operating pressure: 45 - 60 PSI (3 - 4 Bar)
  • Compact design with removable pre-orifice for easy cleaning.
  • The AIXR is built with an UHWMPE** material offering high chemical resistance.


  • Tapered edge flat spray angle pattern with air induction technology offers better drift management.
  • Produces large air-filled droplets through a Venturi air aspirator.
  • Unique UHMWPE polymer material used on the AIXR-VP adds improved wear life and better acid resistance.
  • The AIXR-VK polypropylene body provides excellent acid resistance, and the ceramic pre- and exit orifice offers improved wear life.
  • Compact size to prevent tip damage.
  • Removable pre-orifice.
  • Available in nine VisiFlo® Polymer (VP) and seven VisiFlo ceramic (VK) capacities.
  • Automatic spray alignment with Quick TeeJet® cap and gasket 114441A-*-CELR (015 to 06) or 114443A-*-CELR (08 and 10).


Corn Crop Development

Example image: Corn Crop Development

Cotton Crop Development

Example image: Cotton Crop Development

Soybean Crop Development

Example image: Soybean Crop Development

Wheat Crop Development

Example image: Wheat Crop Development


AIXR11002-VP at 13 GPA, 40 PSI, 5 MPH (Water temperature 70°F (20°C))

Distribution image: AIXR11002-VP at 13 GPA, 40 PSI, 5 MPH (Water temperature 70°F (20°C))


Performance image: aixrspraytipdetails


Cap with Gasket

Accessories image: Cap with Gasket

Strainer with Gasket

Accessories image: Strainer with Gasket


Accessories image: Strainer

Brass Strainer

Accessories image: Brass Strainer

Stainless Steel Strainer

Accessories image: Stainless Steel Strainer