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How To Choose the Right 12 Volt Pump for Spraying

How To Choose the Right 12 Volt Pump for Spraying

Choosing the right 12-volt pump for spraying can be confusing, especially given all of the different key points to consider when choosing. There are three main things to be aware of when choosing a 12 v pump when spraying; 

  1. The task, 
  2. Litres per minute (LPM) 
  3. Pressure (psi). 

One other key thing to consider is the build quality, which is why we recommend Flojet and Shurflo 12v Pumps to all of our customers. Keep reading to find out how to choose the right 12 volt pump for spraying.

12v Pump for Small Boom Spraying (2 - 3 M)

When you’re using a small boom, like off the back of your ATV or ute you’re not in need of a hugely powerful or large pump. So don’t waste your time with heavy and expensive to maintain petrol pumps here. A 12v pump with 6-10 LMP and a pressure rating of 40-60psi  would suit the job perfectly. 

For Small Boom Spraying (2 - 3 M) we recommend the Shurflo 12V 6.8L/Min 60psi 1/2'' Male Ports. To determine the flow rate of the pump you need, we use the flow rate at 45psi of an average nozzle. This happens to be 1 l/min. So a 2m boom with 500mm spacings will have 4 nozzles needing approx 4l/min and using the same calculations a 3-metre boom will have 6 nozzles needing 6l/min. This Shurflo pump model is tried and proven when it comes to agricultural applications.  With a 1/2" male inlet and outlet, Santoprene diaphragms and Viton seals, it is very suitable for a wide range of chemical sprays and is perfect for small boom spraying.   With a maximum flow rate of 6.8 L/minute and a maximum pressure of 60 psi (420 kPa), this automatic pressure switch pump from Shurflo is robust and reliable.

12v Pump for Medium Boom Spraying (4 - 6 M)

You’re looking to spray a larger area, but not ready to take on a petrol pump. Save on upfront costs, maintenance costs and weight with a 12-volt pump that can still do the job. For medium boom spraying, you’re looking for between 15-20 LPM and 40-60psi to get the job done. 

Fitting into this category are pumps required to run boomless nozzles. There are different boomless nozzles so check the specifications if you have one. Some need flows of over 10l/min and will not work effectively at lower flows.

The Flojet 12V Pump 15L/Min .60 Psi. 1/2'' Port Size is the 12v Sprayer we recommend for booms up to 6m. Triplex Low Pressure, high flow, diaphragm pumps are self-priming and can run dry without harm. They are intended for intermittent duty cycles but can be run continuously for short periods of time. Need more power, or running a bigger boom? Check out our range of Bertolini Pumps that can get just about any pump job done.

12v Pump for Hand Wands with any length of hose. 

The length of your hose will determine which pump you need, it seems like common sense but is often overlooked when choosing a 12v Pump. Whilst you will only need 4-8LPM you will need a much high-pressure rating of 60-100psi for spot spraying when compared to boom spraying. We would recommend the Shurflo 8000-547-189A 12V 6.8 L/Min 107Psi Pump as this pump has the extra pressure to throw a greater distance which is often needed when spot spraying.

The Shurflo high-pressure 12-volt pump has an internal bypass and it has proven to be a real workhorse when it comes to agricultural chemical spraying.  With a 1/2" male inlet and outlet, Santoprene diaphragms and Viton seals, it is very suitable for most Ag chemical sprays, requires a 7.5 Amp fuse and comes with a 1/2" nut x 10mm barbed elbow and 10mm straight hose barb.   With a maximum flow rate of  6.8 l/min and a maximum pressure of  107 psi, this automatic pressure switch pump is  versatile and reliable where higher pressure is required.

If you’d like to find out more about 12-volt pumps, or anything else farming & ag give us a call on 1300 326 453 for a yarn! You can also view our range of sprayer equipment page for more information.

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