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Boom Spraying VS Boomless Spraying

Boom Spraying VS Boomless Spraying

We’re often asked, “what are the differences between boom and boom-less spraying?” There are plenty of opinions and myths out there, but there are a few key important things to consider when chemical spraying on your farm. Like most things it really depends on what kind of spraying you’ll be doing, weather conditions and your land. Keep reading to find out the key advantages and disadvantages of each method, or call Ag Superstore on 1300 326 453 to have a yarn!
Boom Spraying VS Boomless SprayingWhat is Boomless Spraying?

A Boomless Sprayer will generally have one or two nozzles that are pointed sideways in opposite directions, or tilted up slightly to achieve a wider spray pattern.. Boomless Sprayers have specialised nozzles, so make sure you do your research about which nozzles are right for the job!

What is Boom Spraying? 

A Boom Sprayer usually has multiple spray nozzles (tips are usually the American terminology) spread out along arms (booms), pointed directly down. Boom Sprayers can go on the back of your ATV, as a trailing spray rig towed by a tractor or as a tank and boom combination attached to the 3 point linkage of your tractor. Boom sprayers also have specialised nozzles for different jobs so be sure to do your research so you know you have the right tools for the job.

Advantages of Boomless Spraying

Boomless Sprayers are great for small, fast jobs with minimal fuss. They’re easier to manoeuvre as they don’t take up mountains of space on the back of your tractor, ute or ATV Because you’re working with fewer nozzles it means that they are easy to monitor and require less maintenance, which will save you time and money if you are only doing small jobs. Whereas booms need to be monitored as you spray because they are wider than your tractor or ute etc, a Boomless nozzle fits in neatly behind and your attention can be squarely fixed on travelling forward.  Finally, due to the smaller size of a Boomless Sprayers, it makes them much easier to store. So, if you’re tight on shed space then a Boomless Sprayer might be for you.

When You Should Use a Boomless Sprayer

Boomless sprayers are versatile and can take on the tougher more complicated sprayer jobs. They’re perfect for ditches and rough uneven terrain, around objects like poles and fences. If you’re running an orchard with citrus fruits, apple trees or Olives a Boomless Sprayer is going to allow you to get in and around the trees, save you mountains of time, and reduce the likelihood of damaging a boom arm. Finally, they’re also great for mosquito spraying if you have stagnant water in your yard. 

Advantages of Boom Spraying

Boom Spraying is about coverage and accuracy. They generally run closer to the ground meaning that they’re less affected by the wind. This also means that the spraying is more accurate and much easier to track what has been sprayed and what hasn’t. Due to the width of the boom, Boom Sprayers also allow you to spray a larger area in a shorter amount of time, therefore saving you time and money on big spraying jobs.  

When you should use a Boom Sprayer

Boom sprayers are perfect for field spraying large areas, particularly even/ level pastures. If your property is prone to wind in specific seasons then a boom sprayer can be set up to help you reduce chemical drift and reduce your environmental footprint. Essentially, if you’ve got a large flat area that you need to spray quickly then a boom sprayer is going to save you mountains of time. The reality is a large percentage of Aussie farms are cookie-cutter flat pastures, so this is something really important to consider.

What type of sprayer should you choose?

Clearly, if you’ve read the rest of this blog you know by now it depends on your specific spraying requirements. In our opinion, most Australian farms would have great benefit from both Boom and Boomless spraying. Why are we sitting on the fence? Well if you want to run your farm as efficiently as possible then Boom Spraying your flat areas and Boomless Spraying the more complicated areas will save you a heap of time! And as we know, time is money.

Our tip is to set yourself up with a sprayer tank where you can interchange between a Boomless or boom sprayer as simply as possible. Check out our range of TTI trailer sprayers, ute back sprayers, 3point linkage sprayers and don’t forget to add in a Boomless Nozzle kit! 

As always give us a call to have a yarn about spraying and everything else Ag!

Ps. We know spraying can be tough on your farm vehicles. If you're looking for protection, we highly recommend the Topaz Seat Cover range. Especially if you're working with the Yamaha Viking or Honda TRX250

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