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Electric VS Petrol Pressure Washers

Electric VS Petrol Pressure Washers

The days of strapping a Honda engine to a pump, to supercharge a hose are well and truly over. These days pressure washers come in all shapes, sizes and capabilities so, the question is which one is right for you? Depending on the type of work you’re doing, a pressure washer could save you and your business hours. 

I’d just start by saying both electric and petrol pressure washers can get the job done and the differences usually come down to preference rather than performance. However, to better understand how each style suits your needs keep reading!

Electric Pressure Washers

Aussie Black Box Electric Pressure Washer - With Trolley at Ag Superstore

Electric Pressure Washers are generally perceived as lightweight and the first choice for domestic users thanks to popular brands like Karcher and Gerni. Whilst this is true they can also be a great choice for commercial use as these days you can find electric pressure washers with high power levels above 3,000 psi like the Aussie Black Box

The electric washers are easy to use and maintain and don’t require you to have excess fuel stored. 

When selecting an electric Pressure washer the two most import points are:

The motor and the flow rate

What will seem at the time to be a bargain electric pressure washer that has a small motor and small flow will ultimately fail. Ensure that your pressure washer has a solid heavy-duty motor, preferably 4 pole and with slow rotation. Italians are well known for their pumps and supply many of the better performing pressure washers

Lower flow rates make it harder to get the job done and increase stress on the pump. Look for flow rates over 8 L/MIN.

Electric washers are also much easier to maintain as they generally don’t have major parts that can break, or regular servicing to ensure that it works. This user-friendliness makes electric pressure washers great for beginners, particularly as they’re often a cheaper alternative. If you’re mostly using it around the house with some commercial use then this is the one for you.

The major drawback to the electric pressure washers is that you’re limited by how far the power outlet is, and the length of your extension cord. This also brings in some added risk with extension cords and water, and as such electric pressure washers may not be best for farmers. 

Ag-Superstore has a great range of Electric Pressure Washers for both domestic and comercial use, with some of our favourites found here.


Petrol Pressure Washers

Aussie Pumps Petrol Pressure Washers - Ag Superstore

The key advantage of a petrol pressure washer is that they can work anywhere you need them to, meaning you won’t need to bother about staying close to a switch like with an electric pressure washer. Petrol pressure washers have also been designed with commercial use in mind with a wide range of sizes and pressure outputs available.

As stated above petrol pressure washers do require routine maintenance and therefore may ward off some beginner users. However, maintenance is simple if you understand how the washer works, otherwise, it’s easy to get it serviced just like a mower or tractor.

If you are looking for a pressure washer for commercial or even farm usage then a petrol pressure washer is the best choice. Petrol pressure washers can be easily loaded onto the back of a ute and transported where you need them to be, and have high power levels, that produce over 6,000 PSI and up to 20 L/MIN flow which is great for more difficult cleaning tasks.

Ag-Superstore has a great range of Commercial Pressure Washers for industrial and farm use.

Which Is Right For You?

Both electric pressure washers and petrol pressure washers are great options there is, however, a clear winner depending on who you are. 

If you’re a beginner user that is going to use your washer for less than 6 hours per week and within close proximity to a power outlet, than an electric pressure washer is for you. The reduced cost, low maintenance and lightweight features make an electric washer the perfect choice for anyone who wants a simple low fuss option. Check out Ag-Superstore’s range of electric pressure washers here. 

If you’re a commercial, industrial, or farm user than a petrol pressure washer is for you. You need to be able to chuck the washer onto the back of the ute and use it wherever it may be needed regardless of how far you are away from a power outlet. Farm and commercial users will also benefit from high power ranges and the added time savings, meaning less time cleaning. Petrol pressure washers are also likely to last longer and handle the bumps and bruises of harsh Australian conditions, as long as they are regularly serviced. Check out the Ag-Superstore range of Pressure washers.

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