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Aussie Pumps - Twin Impellar, 10Hp Yanmar Diesel, Electric Start. 450L/Min Max Flow. 90M Head

Original price $6,429.00
Current price $5,730.00

This Aussie Pumps high-pressure fire pump is powered by a Japanese made Yanmar Engine with an Aussie Pump, pump end.

These quality pumps are primed to perform for years of economical service.

The diesel twin impeller provides an additional 30m head (over 40PSI) of pressure compared to the single impeller equivalent

Diesel drive fire pumps are safer to refuel during a bushfire emergency.

Includes freight

  • Unique 5 year pump warranty
  • 2 year engine warranty
  • Electric start
  • Twin Impeller
  • up to 90 m head and 450 ml/min flow
  • Primes fast from 7.6 metres
  • Fully galvanised frame with anti vibration mounts
  • Heavy duty closed impeller
  • Big 2'' Inlet
  • 3 way outlet... 2 x 1'' plus 1 x 1 1/2'' outlet
  • Hose kits available
  • Convert outlet to 2'' available

Please note that the battery is not included