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Teejet Air Nozzles . Sizes 015(Green) To 06(Grey)

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Product Information

Genuine Teejet nozzle imported from USA - AI110015-VS - AI11006-VS.

Air inducted nozzle procuces course to extra course droplets. Excellent for systemic post emergent hebicides, systemic fungacides and insecticides and drift control.

Uniform coverage in broadcast spraying with excellent drift control.

The Air Induction (AI TeeJet®) distributes a tapered edge flat spray pattern for uniform coverage in broadcast spraying. This tip is ideal for drift-sensitive applications by producing larger air-filled droplets using a Venturi air aspirator for numerous applications including systemic herbicides.

Best operated at 2-8bar.

Aligns with Teejet cap and washer 114443

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  • Larger droplets for less drift.
  • Pre-emerge surface applied herbicides.
  • Post-emerge systemic herbicides.
  • Excellent choice for drift management.

Due to the pre-orifice design, this tip is not compatible with the 4193A check valve tip strainer.
Always double-check your application rates. Tabulations are based on spraying water at 70°F (21°C).


  • The stainless steel insert produces a tapered-edge flat spray pattern for uniform coverage in broadcast spraying.
  • Produces large air-filled droplets through the use of a Venturi air aspirator that is more resistant to drift.
  • Recommended pressure rating 30–115 PSI (2–8 bar).
  • Available in 80° or 110° spray angles with a Polymer insert holder and pre-orifice with VisiFlo® color-coding.
  • Available in eight 110° versions, and seven 80° versions.
  • Automatic spray alignment with the 114443A-*-CELR Quick TeeJet® cap and gasket


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Cap with Gasket

Accessories image: Cap with Gasket

Strainer with Gasket

Accessories image: Strainer with Gasket


Accessories image: Strainer

Brass Strainer

Accessories image: Brass Strainer

Stainless Steel Strainer

Accessories image: Stainless Steel Strainer