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Aussie Pumps Super Indy 3 Phase. 3000 Psi

Original price $8,780.00
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Aussie Pumps Super Indy 3 Phase. 3000 Psi

High pressure steam cleaners not only clean effectively, but steam kills micro-organisms within seconds without the use of chemical disinfectants.

Aussie Pumps has developed their range of hot wash & steam cleaners specifically for Australian conditions

These machines are designed particularly with working steam cleaners for high demand wash bays, primary producers and earthmoving contractors in mind. A step up from European models, they cleaning and temperatures to 130°C. feature triplex pumps, 4 pole motors, steel chassis with 4 wheels, stainless steel covers and are made
to last.

Professional electric drive steam pressure blasters with 3000 psi of pressure, and flows of 16 litres per minute. By using pressure and steam, up to 120ºC, these units are economical to run and reduce the amount of water used in cleaning applications. Grease and oil just melt away without the use of chemicals. No electrical plug is supplied

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