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Aussie Pumps Super Indy 3 Phase. 3000 Psi

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Product Information

Aussie Pumps Super Indy 3 Phase. 3000 Psi

High pressure steam cleaners not only clean effectively, but steam kills micro-organisms within seconds without the use of chemical disinfectants.

Aussie Pumps has developed their range of hot wash & steam cleaners specifically for Australian conditions

These machines are designed particularly with working steam cleaners for high demand wash bays, primary producers and earthmoving contractors in mind. A step up from European models, they cleaning and temperatures to 130°C. feature triplex pumps, 4 pole motors, steel chassis with 4 wheels, stainless steel covers and are made
to last.

Professional electric drive steam pressure blasters with 3000 psi of pressure, and flows of 16 litres per minute. By using pressure and steam, up to 120ºC, these units are economical to run and reduce the amount of water used in cleaning applications. Grease and oil just melt away without the use of chemicals. No electrical plug is supplied

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  • Mild steel heavy duty coil featuring two years warranty (12 months warranty on the rest of the machine)
  • Producing 16L/Min
  • Producing 3,000psi
  • 18 litre diesel fuel tank
  • high pressure detergent injection
  • flexible coupling between the motor and pump for smoother, cooler drive
  • timed total stop- auto shut down
  • low fuel sensor & warning light
  • micro-leak detection & warning light
  • safety thermostat to protect pump


  • Machinery wash down
  • Workshop use
  • Hire industry
  • Truck & bus wash down
  • Council depots
  • Car detailing
  • Food industry
  • Government departments



Can I use detergent with these pressure cleaners?

Detergent injection is a feature of these pumps. Simply connect your detergent to the clear vinyl tube that connected to the pump and the detergent will be sucked in and mixed with the water. Another option for detergent application is to use a foamer. When using the detergent injection of your pressure cleaner it is required the lance is on the low pressure setting for this to work. Not all pressure cleaners have the ability to have detergent used with them however most pressure cleaners 4,000psi or less will have detergent injection fitted.


Can I mount a hose reel?

Yes, mounting a hose reel to your pressure cleaner is very easy, with the Aussie Pump pressure cleaner they will either have a mounting bar built into the frame or they can supply one with the machine for an extra.


Are these commercial pressure cleaners?

Aussie Pumps design and manufacture their products to last a lifetime, not a season. There are pressure cleaners in their range to suit all applications. Parts and advice is readily available.


Why should I choose hot water over cold water?

When choosing a hot water pressure cleaner, you need to consider how quick you want the job done. We find hot water pressure cleaners are the perfect cleaner for application like cleaning heavy machinery and cleaning down food courts or anywhere you find stubborn built on grease and dirt. Mechanics often have hot water pressure cleaner to wash down engine bays or even their workshop.


What’s the difference between a class A & class B pressure cleaner?

The big difference between a class A & class B pressure cleaner is having RTO certification. The class A pressure cleaner does not require any form of certification for an operator to use the machine and to be covered under work insurance. Class B pressure cleaners do require by law for the operator to be RTO certified, the certification course can take up to 2 days. 


Are spare parts available?

Yes, spare parts are available, we carry a wide range of spare parts for all products they manufacture.