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PolyMaster 5,000L Rainwater Round Corrugated Tank

SKU: RWT5000
Color: Smooth Cream (Classic Cream™)

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Product Information

This mid-range 5000L rainwater tank is the ultimate for connection to existing plumbing for an extensive range of household uses; from drinking water to garden irrigation to water for the laundry and bathroom. This certified rainwater tank is manufactured with strength in mind.

When you invest in a rainwater tank it’s important that you get one that lasts and is fit for purpose.  Australian standards are put in-place to give households, peace of mind when it comes a tanks’ usability.

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The relevant standards to look out for (from an ISO9001 tank manufacturer) are:

  • AS/NZS4766:2006 – Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals
  • AS/NZS4020:2018 – Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water

Benefits of a Premium Polymaster Rainwater Tank

  • 20 year warranty.
  • One piece construction. No joins, seams or part-lines, making it stronger.
  • Extra thick walls for maximum strength.
  • Conserve precious water supplies and reduce mains water use.

Standard Fit Out

  • Strainer Position: 12
  • Strainer Size: 400mm
  • Overflow: 11.30
  • Outlet Standard Position: 6
  • Brass Outlet: 40mm
  • 40mm Ball Valve Included
  • Total Height: 2,170mm
  • Inlet Height: 1,960mm
  • Diameter: 1,950mm




What needs to be considered when buying a tank?

Some of the considerations are listed here:

  • How much rainfall your area typically receives.
  • The surface area of your roof/collection area (This determines how much rainfall you are able to harvest).
  • What applications you intend on using the water for.
  • How long the rain water will need to be stored.
  • The size of the space you have.
  • Where the tank is going to be located.


Can I use my tank water Storage with my firefighter?

Yes, any large amount of water storage can be used as the inlet to a firefighting pump or sprinkler system.

The pump type, e.g. flow and pressure will need to determined as well the correct type of firefighting hose and connections. We are able to assist with all of that.


What property access is required for delivery?

Our tanks can be quite large making the trucks loads very high and long and we take the job of delivering your tank safety very seriously. Therefore, we have established clear guidelines for our deliveries.

  • The clearance required for truck and trailer is 19 metres long, 5 metres high and 3.5m wide.
  • Ensure there are no low-lying branches or powerlines
  • Make sure the gate/entrance is wide enough and there is enough turning area for the 19m long truck and trailer (size of a normal roundabout)

What areas in Victoria are affected by National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and require Oversize Permits?

  • Otway and Mountainous Areas (highlighted in Pink)
  • Melbourne and Geelong urban areas (highlighter in Green)

Due to these restrictions, Polymaster will be required to transport some of our larger tanks with the aid of escorts or pilots. The regions in pink on the Vic Roads map below indicate where these limitations are in effect, while red lines on the map indicate additional specific roads where restrictions apply.



Do I need a pump?

It  is recommended if you would like your tank water to have the same pressure as mains water. If you have a pump, it is also recommended that you protect your pump from the elements with a pump cover to extend its working life. A pump cover also reduces noise and can reduce problems with your water system through improved reliability.


What accessories will I need?

Most tanks should come ready to hold water, which means they include a strainer, a vented lid, an overflow and an outlet and ball valve. Depending on the intended application you may need additional pumps, piping, fittings, first flush diverters and/or filters. You can also consider additional outlets with valves and taps, water tank level gauge, signage, venting, additional manholes and a number of other options. We can assist with all of that.

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Customer Reviews

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