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200L DieselCaptain™ Portable Diesel Fuel Tank Pod

by TTI
SKU: DUL0200ALF045V1
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Product Information

The 200-litre space-saving design DieselCaptain™ unit with lockable pump cover and Italian Puisi 12 volt 45 L/min pump is ideal where space is at a premium.

Australian made by TTi, with dimensions of 800(L) x 680 (W) x 710(H) and weighing under 40kg, the 200-litre DieselCaptain™ is a professional diesel transfer solution.


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  • Genuine TTi™ product
  • 45L/min 12v Piusi Pump
  • 15 Year Tank Warranty
  • 3/4″ auto shut off nozzle
  • Poly design lid
  • Locking latch for the lid
  • Easy lifting handles 
  • 4m 0r 6m x 3/4″ hose for extra reach
  • 3/4″ drain bung
  • Multi seal system to keep diesel in while keeping water and contaminants out

Options Available: 40L/min 12v Transfer40 Pump & 45L/min 12v Piusi Pump

DIMENSIONS- 800(L) x 680 (W) x 710(H)

 WEIGHT: 36kg 



What’s included in TTi’s Portable Diesel Refuelling Range?

With a wide range of diesel solutions available, TTi has just about every base covered when it comes to portable diesel refuelling. 

TTi’s DieselCaptain portable diesel tanks are well-known for being the diesel pod of choice, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit where you need it to. The DieselCadet tanks are larger-volume tanks that are highly customisable depending on requirements. They are easily mounted to trays, trailers and trucks. TTi’s DieselPatrol trailers are extremely heavy-duty and include quality high-flow pumps for fast refuelling.


The perfect diesel solution for your next project, no matter the industry

Manufactured right here in Australia, TTi’s diesel refuelling tanks are built using high-quality components by those who actually use them. TTi’s diesel refuelling solutions are well-designed and moulded using diesel-grade polyethylene. TTi’s diesel tanks feature premium Italian high-flow pumps with auto shut-off nozzles.


Why choose TTi’s diesel tanks?

TTi’s range of premium, Australian-made diesel equipment is trusted by leading contractors and companies across the country. Having manufactured quality diesel refuelling machinery for over 20 years, TTi understands what makes a quality diesel unit.

We stand behind our diesel tanks, offering an unbeaten 15-year warranty. We stock a full warehouse of spare parts and accessories on-hand, from nuts and bolts through to full diesel pump kits. With 250+ active TTi dealers around Australia, you can rest assured your purchase is supported, wherever you are.


What type of diesel tanks are available from TTI?

TTi manufactures a range of transportable diesel tank solutions in a variety of shapes and sizes, from slip-on units suitable for utes & trailers to larger diesel transfer tanks and full-featured diesel trailers. No matter what your requirements are, TTi has the solution to suit.


Can petrol also be stored in diesel tanks?

No, our tanks are designed and manufactured specifically for storing diesel. You cannot store more than 25L of petrol in a portable container unless it is a certified, bunded tank. All TTi diesel tanks are not bunded. 


Should I buy a bunded diesel tank?

Unless site regulations require your diesel tank to be bunded, we would advise against it. Bunded tanks are much heavier, reducing your vehicle’s payload and potentially making it unsafe. TTi’s diesel tanks are extremely tough, so you don’t need to worry about the risk of it rupturing. They have a 20mm wall thickness on average, which is why they come with a 15-year warranty. 


Is steel or poly better for diesel tanks?

Whilst some construction sites require the use of steel tanks, they are generally not required for most applications. A poly tank is much lighter, doesn’t rust, and maintains their appearance much better. 


How often should diesel filters be replaced?

This can depend on several factors. We recommend replacing your filter annually. However, it can also depend on how much volume is pumped, the quality of diesel, or if an issue occurs. 


How long can diesel fuel be stored in a tank?

Under ideal conditions, diesel can be stored for up to 1 year without significant degradation. A number of factors can affect diesel quality, including temperature, exposure to sunlight and moisture. If storing for a prolonged amount of time, use a biocide every six months to keep away fungus and bacteria.