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1000 Litre Tti Sumptrans Pin Mount Spray Tank

by TTI

Light, durable and easy to maneuver a 1,000 litre chemical transport tank from TTi is the answer you’ve been looking for. The fully draining tank allows 100% of the liquid to be used. TTI have done the work to ensure that the solutions we provide to farmers, councils, fire fighters and more all over Australia have a solution on hand that they can rely on.

The 1,000 litre chemical tanks you see here are UV stabilised, highly impact resistant, and they’re much lighter in weight than your traditional chemical transport tanks. They’re also made to be fully drainable. An important feature for those looking to avoid any cross contamination between the different chemicals or fluids they’re looking to store or transport.

The tanks themselves are totally impervious to most chemicals, being made of a polyethylene material that can more than stand up to the rigours of your work. Their base polyethylene material makes them the perfect fit for those who want a tank they can take anywhere – confident in the knowledge that their choice of chemical will get where it needs to go.

They can be used as a storage and transport solution – or equipped with spray accessories to function as a nurse tank in agricultural settings. Whatever it is that you need done, we know you’ll be glad you went with a 1,000 litre chemical tank from us at TTi

  • 455mm diam. hinged lid with basket filter
  • 1 1/2″ MBSP poly outlet
  • UV stabilised polyethylene impervious to most chemicals
  • Smooth interior with integral sump for complete drainage of
    tank contents
  • Spill containment lip around lid
  • 4 x Galvanised Mounting Pins Supplied
  • Calibrated measurements
  • Impact resistant tank wall with load rating up to 1.3 Specific
    Gravity (SG)
  • 20 year tank warranty
  • Australian made for Australian conditions
  • Available Without Steel Frame – Tank Only
  • Tank only dimensions: 1430 (L) x 1220 (W) x 940 (H)