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Meet the C-Dax range of durable and efficient trailed weed wipers.

Minimise pasture damage by selectively applying chemicals to the weeds rather than the entire paddock. Built with high-quality materials, the C-Dax Range of Weed Wipers are robust and durable for the Australian harsh climate conditions.

5 ways on how the C-Dax Weed Wiper Range can help with your business.

Targeted Weed Control

The C-Dax weed wiper provides targeted weed control by applying chemicals directly to the weeds rather than broadcasting them over the entire crop. This selective approach helps to minimize the impact on your crops while effectively managing weed infestations.

Preserves Crop Health

By reducing the amount of chemical used and minimising contact with the crop, the C-Dax weed wiper helps preserve the health and vitality of your crops. This targeted application method ensures that the chemicals are focused on the weeds, allowing your crops to thrive.

Cost-Effective Solution

The C-Dax weed wiper offers a cost-effective solution for weed control. By selectively applying chemicals, you can reduce the amount of herbicides needed, resulting in cost savings over time. Additionally, the durable construction of the C-Dax weed wiper ensures long-term reliability and efficiency, further enhancing its cost-effectiveness.

Environmental Friendliness

With the C-Dax weed wiper, you can minimise the environmental impact of weed control. By avoiding the widespread use of herbicides, you reduce the potential for chemical runoff into water sources and decrease the risk of spray drift, promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Versatile Application

The C-Dax weed wiper is a versatile tool that can be used in various crop types and growth stages. Whether you have row crops, vineyards, or orchards, the C-Dax weed wiper can be adjusted to suit your specific crop needs, providing effective weed control across different agricultural settings.

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