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Aussie Pumps Fire Chief, Kubota. 9.5Hp Diesel, Electric Start. 420 L/Min Max Flow.


Aussie Fire Chief, Kubota. 9.5hp diesel, electric start. 470 l/min max flow. 65 m head.

 Aussie fire chief series ... regarded as the world's finest range of lightweight portable high-pressure transfer/fire pumps -maximum flow of 420 ltrs/min -maximum head 65m

Powered by Kubota 9.5hp electric start diesel engine (2-year warranty) -self primes vertically up to 7.6m -weight 105kg -free extended five-year pump end warranty -free heavy-duty galvanised roll frame -huge 7.5'' aluminium, closed vane, single piece impeller -7.5'' impeller, weighs up to 2 1/2 times that of major competitors providing high performance ... more water with more pressure!

Big 2'' inlet ... more volume -3 way outlet consisting of 2 x 1'' and 1 x 1 1/2'' outlet complete with top-quality caps and metal chains. Big pump belly means fast priming -easy replaceable inlet and outlet allowing the operator to convert to varying size combinations i.e. 1 1/2'', 2'' or even 3'' high flow option.

Top class fuel economy -heavy-duty marine-grade aluminium pump body option -pump protection valve ... heavy-duty pressure relief valve to protect your fire chief pump from pressure spikes applications.

Fire fighting, mop up and general fire protection -high head general water transfer -sheep dipping -irrigation -boom spraying -diesel fuel transfer -other applications include stock crate wash down -machine wash down